How to get the latest Fubo TV app for my Apple TV?

I have an Apple TV with a Fubo TV application installed, but for some reason it doesn’t update to reflect all the new networks available since February 2017. What can I do?

This isn’t in fact a question someone asked me, but a problem I experienced myself. I wasn’t sure what actually caused this problem, but I kept opening my Fubo TV app on my Apple TV, but it just remained the same. It was especially sad, since I knew that a new and updated version of the application was available in the app store. I could however not download the new version, since I already had the app installed, but for some reason the app didn’t want to update.

What did I do to fix this?

  • There is one thing that I could have done, that I did not do, that could have fixed the problem.
    I could have simply logged in and out of the Fubo TV app on my Apple TV. Since I changed my subscription in this period, maybe I need to log in and out for this to be reflected in the actual Fubo TV app on my Apple TV? This might be a solution, but I never tried it!
  • I deleted the Fubo TV app and installed it over again!
    Maybe it would be enough to sign out and then sign in again, but before that came to my mind, I deleted the entire app from my Apple TV, and then I searched for it in the App Store and installed it over again. After re-installing I had to enter my username and password again, but once that was done I could open the brand new Fubo TV app on my Apple TV and stream NBC, Fox, beIN Sports and all the other great channels available with my Premier package at Fubo TV.

I am not sure if you have experienced a similar problem, but if you have comments or questions, just use the comment field. If you want to know more about how you can stream Fubo TV on your Apple TV, read this article.

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