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So easy to watch Champions League on Fubo TV with a Chromecast all across the world

The Champions League is back, and so is the Europe League. Currently, I am streaming Hertha Berlin vs. Athletic Bilbao in Europe league on my TV using a Chromecast and Fubo TV (in Europe). Want to try the same?

Fubo TV is without a doubt the best streaming service available online for football fans. Here you can watch all the best football leagues in Europe and also you can stream the best club leagues, that is Champions League and Europe League.

Champions League on Fubo TV on Chromecast

If you simply want to watch Fubo TV on your computer, follow the instructions in this article. But, if you feel like watching Fubo TV on your TV using a Chromecast, then you need to do some other steps. What needs to be done is:

  1. You need to have a Fubo TV subscription up and running.
  2. You need to have an Unlocator subscription (free to try for seven days).
    Unlocator website
  3. You need to setup Unlocator on your router (they have detailed instructions on how that can be done at their website).
  4. Download the Fubo TV application to your Android device.
  5. Cast the Fubo TV application to your Chromecast and stream whatever Champions League, Europe League of maybe Premier League match you want to watch.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to watch Fubo TV on your Chromecast, wherever you might be in the world. If you get stuck along the way and need some help, write a comment beneath or contact the Unlocator support for further help!

Enjoy watching the matches and may the best team win!

Watch Chelsea vs. Arsenal online (FA Community Shield 2017)

The Community Shield will be played between Chelsea and Arsenal on August 6th. The teams will play in front of thousands of people at the Wembley Stadium. Will you watch Chelsea vs. Arsenal online?

There are so many great football matches coming up in the next days. Ligue 1 in France will have its kick-off tomorrow as Toulouse travel to Monaco to play last years champions AS Monaco. On Saturday the German Super Cup will be played between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München, PSG will play their first Ligue 1 match against Amiens SC, Lyon will play against Strasbourg, and the English Championship will have its kick-off.

On August 8th the UEFA Super Cup final will be played in Skopje. Manchester United, last years Europe League winner, will play against Real Madrid, last years Champions League winner. But, before we get that far, let us not forget about the FA Community Shield on August 6th.

Arsenal vs. Chelsea online

Watch the FA Community Shield 2017 live online

Do you know what all the matches I have mentioned so far in this article have in common? They will all be broadcasted on FuboTV. With a FuboTV subscription, you can watch all these, and lots of other football matches online. And when Premier League starts at August 11th you can stream those matches as well.

FuboTV is an online streaming platform in the USA, made especially for fans of European football. It is the best place for football streaming online, and they have very competitive prices. The service is only available in the United States, but if you follow these instructions, you can easily stream FuboTV from all across the world.

You can visit the FuboTV website right away, but if you do not have an American IP address, you will only get an error message.

We hope for an Arsenal victory against Chelsea

I do not have one particular team I cheer for in England. I usually cheer for the teams that I find most entertaining or sympathetic at a given time. For some reason, I do not find Chelsea sympathetic at the moment. I am not a big fan of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal either, but I would rather have Arsenal win this match than Chelsea.

What do you think? Which team will you cheer for and why?



How to pay for Fubo TV?

Would you like to sign up for Fubo TV? Are you located outside the US and wonder how to pay for the service? Do I need an American VISA/MasterCard?

If you want to sign up for services like Hulu, CBS All Access and Amazon Prime, an American payment card is needed in order for this to work. For that reason, lots of people are afraid that the same requirements need to be met as you sign up for Fubo TV. Is that so?

In order to watch Fubo TV from abroad, and to be able to sign up at all, an American IP address is needed. Read more about how to get an American IP address, and how to stream Fubo TV abroad in this article. But, once you have that American IP address and want to sign up for Fubo TV, do you need an American payment card?

Do I need an American payment card to sign up for Fubo  TV?

The simple answer to that question is NO!

I have recently tried with some different payment cards issued in Europe, and I have reached the same conclusion every time. It is possible to use any sort of online payment card as you sign up for Fubo TV.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Fubo TV and start watching Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europe League, LaLiga and lots of other sports at Fubo TV right away.

Watch the Champions League final on Fubo TV

The Champions League final is coming up and Real Madrid are favorites to beat Juventus. Have you found out where to watch the Champions League final? On Fubo TV of course!

Before the semi-finals in this years Champions League, most people agreed on that the final would be played between Real Madrid and Juventus. And since everything followed the paper-form, the two teams that will play at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on June 3rd will be Juventus and Real Madrid.

Watch the Champions League final online
Watch the Champions League final online

We all know that Juventus has been playing very solid football so far in the Champions League and it has been almost impossible to score goals against them. Real Madrid come to the match as favorites no matter what, especially considering their impressive football and squad. But, if Juventus can keep their defensive line strong in the Champions League final as well, then it is very likely that their attackers can score a goal, and thus they will end up winning the match,

Would you like to watch the excitement of the Champions League final online? The best way to do so is by streaming it on Fubo TV, the best option for football streaming online. You can read much more about Fubo TV and how to stream Fubo TV from abroad here at fubotv.fromabroad.org.

If you have comments or questions, write it in the comment field beneath. For more information about stream the Europe League final (which can be done on Fubo TV as well), visit this article in the ipaddressguide.