So easy to watch Champions League on Fubo TV with a Chromecast all across the world

The Champions League is back, and so is the Europe League. Currently, I am streaming Hertha Berlin vs. Athletic Bilbao in Europe league on my TV using a Chromecast and Fubo TV (in Europe). Want to try the same?

Fubo TV is without a doubt the best streaming service available online for football fans. Here you can watch all the best football leagues in Europe and also you can stream the best club leagues, that is Champions League and Europe League.

Champions League on Fubo TV on Chromecast

If you simply want to watch Fubo TV on your computer, follow the instructions in this article. But, if you feel like watching Fubo TV on your TV using a Chromecast, then you need to do some other steps. What needs to be done is:

  1. You need to have a Fubo TV subscription up and running.
  2. You need to have an Unlocator subscription (free to try for seven days).
    Unlocator website
  3. You need to setup Unlocator on your router (they have detailed instructions on how that can be done at their website).
  4. Download the Fubo TV application to your Android device.
  5. Cast the Fubo TV application to your Chromecast and stream whatever Champions League, Europe League of maybe Premier League match you want to watch.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to watch Fubo TV on your Chromecast, wherever you might be in the world. If you get stuck along the way and need some help, write a comment beneath or contact the Unlocator support for further help!

Enjoy watching the matches and may the best team win!

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