Suits live on Fubo TV

Fubo TV is all about sports, but if you first have a Fubo TV subscription, why not reap some of the benefits of getting live access to lots of other channels as well?

The Fubo TV package will cost you 45 USD per month (at least), and it does give you access to a lot of sports. This summer, you have been able to stream the FIFA World Cup for women online on Fubo TV, the Africa Cup of Nations, the Copa America, and a whole lot of other football events. But, you have also been able to stream Tour de France, the fantastic Tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and some other tennis tournaments, and yes… it is great. But, did you know that you can also stream Suits and other TV shows live on Fubo TV? And if you cannot sit in front of the screen to watch them live, then why not record the shows instead?

Watch Suits on FuboTV
Suits is coming up on the USA Network on FuboTV

The season premiere of Suits season 9 is coming up on July 17th in the United States. But, based on where you live in the United States and in the world, you will be able to stream it live at different times. As you can see above, the live stream will be available to me on Fubo TV on July 18th, 03.00 in the middle of the night based on where I live. That is almost when it will become available on Netflix as well, though with some more hours of delay (most likely).

To be honest, I will not stay up until 4.00 in the morning to watch the first episode of Suits, and I will not stay awake until 05.00 in the morning so that I can watch the season pilot of Pearson either. But, if you have a Fubo TV subscription, you can actually record both programs and watch them whenever you want to at a later time in your life… for example, the next morning when you are fresh and ready to face a new day.

Can I watch Suits on FuboTV in Europe?

If you have a Fubo TV subscription and live in Europe, or if you have a Fubo TV subscription in the USA and currently reside in Europe, it is possible to watch the final season of Suits. But, you will need to use a VPN in order to bypass the geo-blocks of Fubo TV. To find out more on how that can be done, visit and follow the instructions at that page.

I am set to record both Suits season 9 episode 1 and Pearson season 1 episode 1 on Fubo TV
I am set to record both Suits season 9 episode 1 and Pearson season 1 episode 1 on Fubo TV

I am not really planning to watch Pearson, but it might be nice to check the season premiere, just to check out if it is worth anything. Pearson has had a fantastic role in Suits, and she has actually won quite a lot of prices for her acting work. Will she keep those awards coming in her role as Pearson in her new spin-off series?

Are you going to watch Suits and Pearson on FuboTV? Or will you watch neither of the shows?

The entire FIFA World Cup on Fubo TV

It comes as no surprise that Fubo TV will broadcast every single minute from the FIFA World Cup. The platform, which is by far the best for soccer fans, will broadcast every single match, every single foul and every single goal!

It is Fox that has the rights to air the FIFA World Cup in the United States. In other words, Fox Soccer will be the main channels broadcasting the matches from the FIFA World Cup. And as you probably know already, those TV stations are included in the Fubo TV Premier Package. If you haven’t tried it yet, the price is somewhere beneath 50 USD per month, and for this price, you get access to the entire FIFA World Cup, and also all the top leagues in Europe and the top international tournaments.

The World Cup kick-off will be made in Russia on June 14th, but the opening match is kind of lame and boring. But, on June 15th it is time for Portugal to play against Spain, and that is a match which lots of people have been waiting for a long time.

If you haven’t signed up for Fubo TV yet, go ahead and do it today! If you live outside the USA, read my instructions to find out how to watch Fubo TV abroad right here. And do not forget that you can watch Fubo TV on all sorts of devices, including Apple TV, Chromecast, and other devices.

Fubo TV introducing new prices

For a long time Fubo TV costed 10 USD a month. Back then there was nothing to watch. Since then it has developed and the Premier package available is fantastic.

As Fubo TV introduced the Premier package the price announced was 50 USD per month, but the introductory price would be only 35 USD per month. Now they are changing the prices a bit, and if you sign up for the Premier Package the price will be 39,9 USD per month (instead of 35). At the moment there is a fantastic sign up price where you only pay 19,99 USD for the first two months, but once that period will finish, users will have to pay 39,99 USD per month.

If you have signed up and currently pay 35 USD per month, that price will remain (meaning that you will not have to pay the higher price per month).

Sounds tempting to try Fubo TV? Find out more about how you can stream Fubo TV from abroad right here.

So easy to watch Champions League on Fubo TV with a Chromecast all across the world

The Champions League is back, and so is the Europe League. Currently, I am streaming Hertha Berlin vs. Athletic Bilbao in Europe league on my TV using a Chromecast and Fubo TV (in Europe). Want to try the same?

Fubo TV is without a doubt the best streaming service available online for football fans. Here you can watch all the best football leagues in Europe and also you can stream the best club leagues, that is Champions League and Europe League.

Champions League on Fubo TV on Chromecast

If you simply want to watch Fubo TV on your computer, follow the instructions in this article. But, if you feel like watching Fubo TV on your TV using a Chromecast, then you need to do some other steps. What needs to be done is:

  1. You need to have a Fubo TV subscription up and running.
  2. You need to have an Unlocator subscription (free to try for seven days).
    Unlocator website
  3. You need to setup Unlocator on your router (they have detailed instructions on how that can be done at their website).
  4. Download the Fubo TV application to your Android device.
  5. Cast the Fubo TV application to your Chromecast and stream whatever Champions League, Europe League of maybe Premier League match you want to watch.

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to watch Fubo TV on your Chromecast, wherever you might be in the world. If you get stuck along the way and need some help, write a comment beneath or contact the Unlocator support for further help!

Enjoy watching the matches and may the best team win!