Watch the Champions League final on Fubo TV

The Champions League final is coming up and Real Madrid are favorites to beat Juventus. Have you found out where to watch the Champions League final? On Fubo TV of course! Before the semi-finals in this years Champions League, most people agreed on that the final would be played between Real Madrid and Juventus. And since everything followed the paper-form, the two teams that will play at the Millennium Stadium… Read More »

Champions League quarter finals coming up on Fubo TV

The quarter finals in the Champions League will be played soon, and if you want to stream these fantastic upcoming football matches online, Fubo TV is the ultimate place to do so. I must admit that the Champions League this year seems to become really interesting. The upcoming quarter finals have some giant highlights, and especially the matches between Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen and the Juventus vs Barcelona matches… Read More »

Is Fubo TV the best place to stream football online?

Recently Fubo TV released a video presenting their speed test results. In their tests they tested DirecTV, Sling TV, Fubo TV and Playstation VUE. Curious about the results? If you want to know how the different speed tests worked and which platform came out as the fastest, take a look at the YouTube video beneath. Are these results real? Well, as you can see on the video, they seem to… Read More »

Christine Wilson

How to get the latest Fubo TV app for my Apple TV?

I have an Apple TV with a Fubo TV application installed, but for some reason it doesn’t update to reflect all the new networks available since February 2017. What can I do? This isn’t in fact a question someone asked me, but a problem I experienced myself. I wasn’t sure what actually caused this problem, but I kept opening my Fubo TV app on my Apple TV, but it just… Read More »